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Celebrity Homes with Stunning Freeform Pools

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Celebrity Homes with Stunning Freeform Pools

The celebrity lifestyle is one many of us aspire to – not the constant media attention, perhaps, but we can certainly see the appeal of jet setting around the world, eating in the finest restaurants and owning luxury homes in exclusive neighborhoods!

Part of that lifestyle is having your own swimming pool to enjoy, but thankfully that’s one element of the celebrity lifestyle that can also be within the reach of some of us more regular folk.

This month, we’re taking a look at a few celebrities who’ve indulged their imaginations to the fullest to create stunning freeform pools to enjoy at their luxury homes.

Freeform Pool by Burleson Pools

What is a freeform pool?

Before taking a look at a few freeform pools owned by celebrities, it’s worth reminding ourselves exactly what one is and how it differs from other types of swimming pool.

Basically, freeform pools don’t have a regular shape, meaning that they don’t really fit into any other category. That gives you the opportunity to literally go with the flow – either of your imagination or your backyard – because a freeform pool can be as creatively designed as you want it to be or it can match the shape and layout of your yard.

As a result, freeform pools will usually consist of plenty of curves and rounded edges.

That makes it an especially popular choice with celebrities, as they like to have something that is uniquely theirs and that best reflects their own personality or image. And thanks to the master pool builders at Burleson Pools, now you can have your own uniquely designed freeform pool as well!

Mark Wahlberg

Despite having had a truly amazing freeform pool built at his Beverly Hills mansion, Mark has since sold his house for close to $13 million. Understandably, the new owners have kept the pool as they found it. As much a personal lagoon as it is a swimming pool, it comes with a 12-feet waterfall, a grotto, a spa, and a slide.

Jeff Bridges

One of the main benefits of a freeform pool is that you can blend it into the surrounding landscape so that it feels like it naturally belongs there. Jeff Bridges took that concept and ran with it at his former home in Montecito, Sanata Barbara, California, to produce a stunning pool that was specifically designed to complement a stream passing through the estate. The look was completed with several waterfalls and an outdoor fireplace. 

Celine Dion

Home or water park? You decide! Celine Dion really let her imagination run wild when planning the freeform pool at her Jupiter Island, Florida, home in 2010. Alongside two relatively straightforward pools, she also included a large and winding roundish pool with a large central island – viewed from the air, it resembles a mini racetrack!

Denise Richards

Denise’s former Malibu mansion included not one but two huge freeform pools surrounded by tropical landscaping and complemented with grottos and a waterfall for good measure. Unfortunately, she and her husband Aaron had to move out after the house was severely impacted by wildfires in 2018.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq’s Florida home is just yards from Lake Butler and features, among other things, a garage big enough for 17 cars, an indoor basketball court (of course), and a walk-in humidor (that’s somewhere you keep cigars, for those not in the know). It also has a 15 feet deep freeform pool, allowing the 7+ feet tall NBA star turned pundit to safely dive in without banging his head on the bottom.

Here at Burleson Pools, we’re freeform pools experts for those living in and around Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN. Our experienced designers can work with you to create your ideal swimming pool, whatever size or shape you’re dreaming of.

Want to know more? Then get in touch with our friendly advisors today to discuss your plans in detail.


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