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Company History

The Burleson Pool Family is extremely proud of our legacy. We cherish the fact that Burleson Pool Company is the oldest continuously operating family swimming pool construction company in the State of Alabama.

Discover more about our history by following the timeline below.


On December 22, 1965 James B. Burleson Jr. founds the Burleson Pool Company, Inc. with a $20,000 investment and a prayer. He opens an office in a small location on 9th Avenue, in Huntsville, Alabama.

At this time, there are practically no residential swimming pools being constructed in the Huntsville area and very few commercial pools. Fortunately, the Huntsville YMCA decides to build five rural branches that include swimming pools, and these five pools are our very first jobs!

Also at this time, NASA opens the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, and Werner Von Braun moves his team of German scientists to the city. These families are used to swimming for exercise and relaxation, and members of his team are among our first residential customers. Along with the Marshall Space Flight Center comes rapid growth and development in Huntsville and the surrounding area.


Burleson Pool Company has already outgrown its location on 9th Avenue, so Mr. Burleson acquires land and constructs an office/warehouse with a small retail space. As Huntsville continues to grow, so does Burleson Pool Company!


Having completed his military service in 1969 and graduated from the University of Alabama in 1971, Benny Burleson works in the textile industry for five years. In 1976, Mr. Burleson offers him – his only child – a place in the business.

Throughout the sixties and seventies, Burleson Pool Company continues to grow and expand alongside the growth of Huntsville and the surrounding area. Our market area grows to include all of north Alabama and southcentral Tennessee.


The growth in the retail side of the business means that a larger showroom and warehouse are needed. Land is acquired and the necessary facility is constructed. We are no longer just custom gunite swimming pool builders, as we add pool supplies and chemicals, above ground pools, and portable spas to our product lines.


After 19 years of pouring his heart and soul into building Burleson Pool Company into a thriving enterprise, James B. Burleson Jr. hands over the reins of the company to his son, Benny. Benny and his wife, Sissy, take on the challenge of not only protecting what Mr. Burleson has established, but also providing the leadership to grow the company into the future.

Burleson Pool Company is truly a family business!

Sissy and Benny’s children, Kerry and Marcus, grew up in the company, working summers during high school and co-oping their senior years.

Kerry also worked in the company while attending Faulkner University. After graduation, she continued with the company as Comptroller until 2008, when she left to accept a position with a defense contractor.

After graduating from high school, Marcus pursued a career as an EMT and fireman. But in 1998, he returned to Burleson Pool Company and worked in various capacities, learning the business from bottom to top, eventually taking responsibility for overseeing all construction activities.

Benny and Sissy’s niece, Beth Parker, joined the company at the ripe old age of twelve! Her duties included cleaning bathrooms, “boring” filing, driving the forklift, and loading chemicals. By the time Beth graduated high school, she was infected with the “swimming pool bug.” Throughout the years, Beth has worked in and managed every aspect of Burleson Pool Company. Currently, she is responsible for marketing, design, sales, and construction of all residential projects.


The decision is made to shift the focus of Burleson Pool Company and seek larger commercial swimming pool projects, such as municipal pools, the YMCA, and universities. This strategy requires us to increase our market area to include all of Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.


On April 15, 1999, a meeting of the Officers, Directors and Stockholders of Burleson Pool Company is held for the purpose of adding officers. At this meeting, officers are elected:

  • Benny Burleson – President
  • Geraldine Burleson – Treasurer
  • Marcus Burleson – Vice President
  • Kerry Lewter – Vice President
  • Beth Parker – Vice President


It is decided that we return to our roots and focus solely on swimming pool construction and service, leaving the retail market behind. No longer needing the large facility, Burleson Pool Company relocates to a smaller office/warehouse on Leeman Ferry in Huntsville. This location is our home until we move to our current Cullom Blvd location.


In August, 2015 the Board of Directors is updated and remains today as follows.

  • Benny Burleson – Chairman of the Board – Chief Financial Officer
  • Marcus Burleson – Board Member – Chief Operations Officer
  • Beth Parker – Board Member – Chief Executive Officer
  • Sissy Burleson – Board Member – Secretary

At Burleson Pool, we are extremely proud of our heritage. For any business to survive through the second generation of ownership is very rare. We are excited that we are now in our fourth generation!

Benny and Sissy’s grandson, Conner Lewter, joined the company in 2016 and manages the Service Department. After graduating from the University of North Alabama in 2023, their granddaughter, Allison Burleson, joined the company as Director of Human Resource, Accounting, Finance.

However, the secret behind our longevity and success is our employees. Of our 45 full-time employees:

  • two have been with us for over 30 years
  • one over 25 years
  • four over 20 years
  • two over 15 years
  • and three over 10 years

We are extremely thankful and grateful for the loyalty and dedication of our employees. They are truly the keys to our continued success.

Burleson Master Pools Team 2023

All of the Burleson Pool Company family are dedicated to creating an outdoor experience for our customers that will fulfil their backyard dreams! Obviously, family is very important to us. Therefore, it is our goal to create a space in your backyard that will nurture your family connections, relationships, and love. We look forward to continuing to produce outstanding customer satisfaction for generations to come.


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