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Swimming Pool Constuction FAQs

At Burleson Pools, we recognize that selecting the perfect pool for your home and understanding the installation process can raise several questions. To assist you, we have put together an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, offering guidance on everything from choosing your pool design to understanding installation nuances and ensuring safety. Our aim is to provide clear, concise information to make your pool journey smooth and enjoyable.

Whether you’re considering installing a new pool, thinking about renovating your current pool, or seeking advice on the best design options including water features and lighting, our FAQ page is your go-to resource. Leveraging our extensive experience in the pool industry, we’ve answered a range of common questions to help you make informed decisions. 

For any queries not addressed on this page, feel free to contact us – we’re always ready to support you!

Commercial Pools

What are the key considerations when constructing a commercial pool?

When constructing a commercial pool, some of the issues that need the most careful planning include those involving safety, capacity, accessibility, maintenance, and functionality. Commercial clients are often less concerned with the aesthetics of a pool, but this is by no means always the case, especially when dealing with owners or managers of water parks or high-end resorts.

How do commercial pools differ from residential pools?

Commercial pools, which will often be found in public places like hotels, resorts, gyms, and community centers, are typically larger in size than residential pools. And because they have to adhere to stricter health and safety regulations, they will usually require more robust filtration systems and advanced water treatment systems to handle the higher numbers of bathers. They will also often need to be made accessible to a wider range of users.

Company Information

Do you offer warranties?

All of our work is warrantied. The shell of the pool actually has a lifetime warranty. The equipment that goes on the pool has a three-year warranty and the plaster portion of the pool has a seven-year warranty.

Do you use subcontractors?

The majority of the work is completed by Burleson Pools employees, but we do have a few subcontractors who we trust and use to complete certain parts of a backyard project. The gunite and plaster portions of the pool are done by subcontractors who have been certified and highly trained in what they do (we use the same two for every job). We will also use a subcontractor if we decide to take on more of the backyard other than the pool. However, there will always be a Burleson Pools employee on site to oversee any work completed by a subcontractor.

Are financing options available?

There are financing options available to homeowners who are interested in building the backyard of their dreams. We work closely with these institutions to provide the necessary information pertaining to the pool’s construction, but it is up to the homeowner to secure their own financing.

Will a client have a dedicated project manager throughout?

Yes. In fact, the person that the customer initially meets with will be their designer and project manager throughout the construction process. Although we have other managers who will step in during different phases of construction, the point of contact will always be the original designer.

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

No, we don’t charge for the initial consultation. If we meet and the customer wants to proceed with a pool design, the cost of that design can range from $750 to $1500, depending on the size and detail of the pool and its surroundings. If the homeowner decides to move forward with a contract, that amount is taken off the contracted amount.

How do I get in touch with Burleson Pools?

You can contact our team of swimming pool experts by calling us at (256) 829-7221 or by filling in our online form.

What services do you offer?

We design and construct quality swimming pools for both domestic and commercial clients, including pools of all shapes and sizes, custom spas and hot tubs, community pools, and water parks. You can also take advantage of our expertise in pool renovations and luxury extras such as water features and pool lighting.

Why choose Burleson Pools?

Burleson Pools is a family-run business that’s been building top-quality pools around Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN, since 1965. We use the latest technology and premium materials on all our projects, while we’re also members of the prestigious Master Pools Guild, which means that you can count on us to deliver the very best in design and workmanship every time.

Custom Pool & Spa Construction

How long does pool construction typically take?

Pool construction usually takes 3 to 6 months. The pool can typically be completed much faster but progress depends on a number of factors. We don’t complete the pool until the pool decks and structures around it have also been finished, and sometimes these factors can cause pools to sit uncompleted for much longer.

How long does custom pool and spa construction typically take?

No two projects are the same when considering custom pools, so it’s very difficult to provide any kind of accurate estimate. Quite apart from the size and complexity of the build in question, not to mention any extras being incorporated, external factors such as the weather conditions at the time of the build and the condition of your backyard can also have an impact. Having said that, somewhere between eight and twelve weeks is perhaps the most common amount of time, but your builder will be able to give a more precise estimate when discussing your own plans.

What is the difference between a standard pool and a custom pool?

A standard pool typically refers to a pool with a predefined shape, size, and features, and can often be chosen from a catalog of designs. On the other hand, a custom pool is tailored to the client’s specific requirements, preferences, and the unique characteristics of their property and backyard. Custom pools allow for much greater flexibility in design, incorporating features, shapes, and aesthetics that match the homeowner’s vision and the nuances of the landscape.

Infinity Pools

Does an infinity pool need a balancing tank?

Yes, a balancing tank is an essential element of an infinity pool. One of the things it does is ensure that no matter how many people are in the water, the pool maintains a constant depth, without which the water wouldn’t flow over the edge.

What is the disadvantage of an infinity pool?

Infinity pools are probably the most stylish and impressive of all our pool styles, but those benefits come at a price, because they are also more expensive to fit than most other pools. There are also safety elements you need to be aware of, particularly if you have young children.

Poolside Features

Are there different styles of poolside waterfalls, and can they be customized?

All our services and products can be customized to your preferences, including our poolside waterfalls. Waterfalls come in a range of styles, such as sheer descents, cascading waterfalls, and grotto waterfalls, while the flow rate, lighting, and stone design can also be personalized to suit the look of your pool and the rest of your backyard.

What are the benefits of adding a waterfall to my pool?

People will often choose to have a waterfall added to their pool to both improve the overall aesthetics but also to make using the pool a more luxurious, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. However, there are practical benefits to a waterfall as well, such as improved water circulation leading to better filtration, and also enhancing the water’s natural cooling – a real bonus on a hot day!


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