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Burleson Pools & Cox Pools nominated for USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Indoor Water Park

At Burleson Pools, we’re always trying to take our pool building skills to the next level, taking on new challenges…

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Choosing the Right Pool for Your Home

There are many reasons why you might want to have a swimming pool at your home. You might want to…

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Celebrity Homes with Stunning Freeform Pools

The celebrity lifestyle is one many of us aspire to – not the constant media attention, perhaps, but we can certainly…

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How to Decorate a Pool for a Christmas Party

With the holiday season just around the corner, what better time to consider throwing the party of all parties? And…

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How to Increase Pool Attendance for Commercial Pools

When you’re the owner or manager of a commercial swimming pool, one of your main goals will naturally be to…

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Essential Pool Renovations for a Modern Touch

At some point, every swimming pool is going to benefit in one way or another from professional pool renovation or…

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Relax in Style: Custom Hot Tubs & Spas

Some people have a swimming pool installed in their backyard because they want to get fit. Then there are those…

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Can Pool Remodeling Boost Your Property Value?

There’s no doubt that a swimming pool in the backyard can be a major selling point when you put your…

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Cocktail Pools: Size, Cost, & More

Not everyone has the space in their backyard for a full-size pool with all the trimmings. Not everyone even wants…

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