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Essential Pool Renovations for a Modern Touch

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Essential Pool Renovations for a Modern Touch

At some point, every swimming pool is going to benefit in one way or another from professional pool renovation or remodeling. 

When that time does come, there are a number of improvements you’ll be able to consider that will ensure that although your pool is technically several years old, it can still look like it was built yesterday – and at a fraction of the cost of a full rebuild!

Before and After Pool Renovation


Let’s take a look at a few ways that the experts at Burleson Pools can give your old swimming pool a modern touch with our professional and popular pool renovations service.

Bringing your pool up to date

If your pool has been in use for a number of years, then it might well be starting to show its age. That could mean both signs of wear and tear, or even a look and style that is no longer current. Making it look like new may not be as big a job as you think!

For starters, you could bring some new, more fashionable colors into the equation by giving your pool a new paint job – that’s an especially good idea if you’re already having to drain it so that you can carry out minor or cosmetic repairs to the lining. Meanwhile, there’s also a lot you can do to the pool’s immediate surroundings, from adding seating and lounging areas to laying new tiling, paving, or decking.

Blending your pool into its landscape

Even if your pool has stayed essentially the same since it was built (or since its last renovation), chances are that the immediate landscape hasn’t. Some plants and trees will have grown, and some will have disappeared altogether. The best pools look like they truly belong in their environment and make the most of surrounding features and vegetation to create light and shade resulting in a more relaxing, enjoyable, or comfortable experience. 

When we visit your home to discuss possible renovation ideas, we’ll consider your whole backyard when devising ideas for modernizing your pool area.  

Energy efficiency

As with style and design, technology can change significantly over time. But instead of leaving your pool looking out of date, old technology can mean that your pool is working inefficiently, whether that means it’s costing more than it should to run, or just not doing as good a job as more modern systems and solutions would.

From your heating to your filtration system, modern developments are making maintaining a pool easier, cheaper, and more effective so that you can spend more of your time enjoying it while also spending less on its upkeep. 

Incidentally, a lot of modern pool equipment is also smaller and better designed than it used to be, so that it can blend in better with your pool and not look out of kilter with its wider aesthetic.

Stylish extras

When you’re having your pool renovated, it’s the perfect excuse to add some stylish extras that will make it an even more enjoyable place to spend your leisure time.

We’re experts at designing and installing creative pool lighting solutions that won’t just make it possible to use your pool safely after dark, but will also add a hefty dose of style and atmosphere while it’s at it. Meanwhile, we can also incorporate some of the latest stunning water features into your pool, including waterfalls and fountains – they’re likely to prove a real hit with your friends or family next time you host a social gathering in your pool! 

Essential Pool Renovations for a Modern Touch (Infographic)

If you think that your pool could do with an upgrade – whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, to make it more efficient, or just so that you can have more fun in it – Burleson Pools is your local pool renovations expert (including commercial pool remodelling) in and around Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN. We always use the latest technology and the very best materials so you can be sure that our master craftsmen will do a high-quality job every time.

Call us today or contact us by email to let us know what you have in mind, and we can start putting together a plan and cost-effective estimate.


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