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Celebrity Homes with Stunning Infinity Pools

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Celebrity Homes with Stunning Infinity Pools

No celebrity home is complete without a private luxury swimming pool – but if you really want to show that you’ve hit the heights, then an infinity pool is surely the way to go.

In this article, we’re going to look at a number of celebrities who have taken the step of investing in a celebrity pool, but before we do that, let’s mind ourselves of what exactly an infinity pool is. 

What is an infinity pool?

An infinity pool is a stunning type of swimming pool that gives the impression of the water flowing over a rimless edge, while you sit and gaze out on an unimpeded view, feeling on top of the world.

Their sleek and visually impressive design makes them perhaps the most luxurious – and expensive – of all swimming pools, and that’s probably what makes them so popular with those who have the money and the views to make the most out of them!

Discover more about this most spectacular of all our swimming pool options by reading our Ultimate Guide to Infinity Pools.

9 celebrity homes with an infinity pool

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z have four pools at their Bel Air mansion, including an infinity pool – complete with firepit, outdoor bar, and deck with lounge area – from which they can look out over the surrounding neighborhood.

Beyonce and Jay-Z, Bel Air mansion

Beyonce and Jay-Z, Bel Air mansion with infinity pool

Image Credit: https://nimvo.com/20-photos-beyonce-jay-zs-bel-air-mansion

Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber bought his Hollywood mansion, he didn’t settle for just any old view from his infinity pool – he could see the Hollywood sign! But when even that wasn’t enough, he also had an oversized tv installed.


Cher’s Malibu home has been designed in an Italian Renaissance style, complete with colonnades, Egyptian sculptures, and blue mosaic tiles. Considerably more modern in style is her stunning infinity pool with an outstanding view over the Pacific Ocean.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

Chris and Elsa can enjoy panoramic views over the ocean and Seven Mile Beach from their 50-meter infinity pool situated on the rooftop of their mountain mansion in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Calvin Klein

In 2015, Calvin Klein bought a mansion in Hollywood Hills that includes automated retractable floor-to-ceiling glass walls, an entryway that includes a bridge over a waterfall and reflecting pool – and, of course, a huge infinity pool with views that stretch over downtown LA.

Kylie Jenner

One of the common benefits of an infinity pool in a luxury mansion is the views you can enjoy from it. That didn’t stop Kylie Jenner from placing hers right in the middle of her Palm Springs mansion, but she hasn’t been backward in sharing pictures of herself enjoying it on her many social media outlets.

Tom Brady

Recently retired and newly divorced, Tom has been building the ultimate bachelor pad in Indian Creek Island on the Miami waterfront, an area known as ‘Billionaire’s Bunker’! Among the other essential elements he’s incorporating into his ideal home is a stunning infinity pool that replaces the one he and former wife Giselle shared at their previous Hollywood Hills home.

Louis Tomlinson

The One Direction star has come a long way from his beginnings in Doncaster, England, and has invested his millions in a luxury 6,000 square foot home in the Hollywood Hills, complete with a beautiful infinity pool. Like Kylie Jenner, he’s keen to share pictures of his home on social media – but unlike Kylie, his infinity pool has the views to match!

Richard Branson

Richard Branson purchased Moskito Island in the Caribbean in 2007. In 2022, he unveiled the newest estate on the island, which incorporates an amazing two-story infinity pool with unbeatable views and an outdoor deck incorporating a hidden DJ booth for the most exclusive parties imaginable.

Here at Burleson Pools, we can’t promise the kind of extravagance that some of these celebrities enjoy, but we can offer luxury infinity pools custom-designed for homes across Huntsville, Alabama, Tennessee, and beyond. We’re award-winning swimming pool designers and builders with over 50 years in the business and hundreds of happy customers across the region.

Get in touch with us now to discover more and discuss your ideas!


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