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What are the Different Types of Swimming Pools?

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What are the Different Types of Swimming Pools?

If you’re thinking of treating yourself and your family to a swimming pool in your home, then you need to be sure you’re choosing the right one to suit your needs.

Of course, every swimming pool is a luxury, but there are various shapes and types available, so it pays to know what your options are.

What are the different types of pools?


Infinity Pools

A grand name and a grand spectacle to match, infinity pools are seen by many as the pinnacle of swimming pool design. With innovative architecture and craftsmanship, infinity pools give the illusion of never-ending water, with an almost ethereal quality.

Water flows over a ‘missing edge’ – which has been designed without traditional coping or decoration – into a catch basin which recirculates the water back into the pool – this is how the ‘infinite’ effect is achieved, and it looks truly stunning.

Call our pool designers and builders on (256) 829-7221 to start your infinity pool project.

Geometric & Freeform Pools – What is the difference?

Geometric pools are built in a selection of specific angular shapes, such as rectangles, ovals and squares. This clean, simple form presents a beautiful look. These types of pools, particularly rectangular pools, are ideal for those who’d like to swim laps, and they can also make use of the aforementioned infinity aspect – a ‘missing edge’ can be incorporated easily.

Freeform pools can be installed in whatever shape you please – if you’d like a curved pool to bend round a corner in your backyard, or you’d like an irregular form to simply stand out from the crowd, freeform pools are the way to go. The right freeform pool can present a beautiful, natural look, like a lagoon or a peaceful pond.

If you want a square pool, or a circle pool, we can build it. Contact our team today!

Inground Pools

Inground pools, as the name suggests, are pools that are built into the ground, but they are available in three different types; vinyl, concrete and fiberglass. Vinyl and fiberglass pools benefit from quick installation – as the shell of the pool is pre-built, as opposed to concrete pools that need to be poured into place; a process that can take weeks.

Choosing a concrete pool, though, allows for maximum customisation – the pool can be designed in any shape and the concrete poured into this form.

Want an inground pool for your backyard? Call our expert pool builders on (256) 829-7221

We can build and design your perfect pool


Endless Pools

Not to be confused with infinity pools, endless pools (also known as resistance pools or exercise lap pools) provide something of a challenge for swimmers. Endless pools allow you to swim against a current, which provides a similar experience to doing laps of a much larger pool – this is fantastic for building stamina and strength; you can see why they’re also known as exercise pools!

A strong swimmer? Let us build your exercise pool – contact us today.

Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools are a compact, stylish option for smaller spaces. Perfect for relaxing in, these pools can be fitted with additional features like spas or hot tubs, as well as seating and heaters.

The pools themselves can be fitted inground or above ground, and they can be made from vinyl, concrete and fiberglass, fitted to a maximum of 400ft2. Thanks to their compact size, you’ll save money on water and electricity, too!

Want a pool, but only have limited space? Contact our pool builders today.

So, those are the types of pools you have to choose from when it comes to picking the right swimming pool for you.

There’s a pool type to suit big backyards, small backyards, budding swimmers and those who just want to float in peace.

To get your dream pool, get in touch with Burleson Pool Company today; we’ve been proudly bringing our perfect pools across Huntsville and Birmingham Alabama AL and beyond, since 1965, and we can’t wait to build yours.

Contact our team using our online form or call us on (256) 829-7221


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