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Indoor or Outdoor? How to Choose the Perfect Pool

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Indoor or Outdoor? How to Choose the Perfect Pool

Making the decision to invest in a new swimming pool is only the start!

Because once you’ve taken that first step, there are so many more things you’re going to have to think about, not least whether your new pool is going to be indoors or outdoors. 

This article will examine the relative advantages and disadvantages of both indoor and outdoor pools, to help those weighing up this tricky dilemma to come to a decision.


You might think that where you place your new pool might be dictated solely by where you have the space. But if you currently only have space outside, that doesn’t necessarily rule out building an extension to your property to house it. Naturally, that’s going to bump up the cost quite a bit, especially when you factor in things like environmental control to keep the moisture from the pool out of the air.

If you already have space indoors, and don’t need to create a whole new room to house your pool, it’s still likely to prove a longer and more costly installation process than having your pool in your backyard.

So make sure you know what your budget is and get quotes from several companies – for both indoor and outdoor pools if you’re still undecided and if cost is likely to be a deciding factor. 

Climate and weather conditions

If your area is subject to cold winters, then you’re probably going to be unable to use an outside pool for several months of the year. An indoor pool, on the other hand, can be used throughout the year.

Looking at the same question another way, an outside pool is likely to be a far more tempting option during the warmer months. After all, what could be nicer than relaxing in and around your pool outside with friends or family on a sunny summer’s day?

Custom Water Park

Basically, what you’ll mainly be using your pool for could well dictate which way you choose to go here. If you’ll mainly be using it for doing laps and staying fit, then being able to use it all year will be a real bonus. If your dream is lazy days soaking up the sun and taking the occasional dip, then an outdoor pool sounds just perfect.

So, deciding between a year-round amenity or one that can be enjoyed at its best only during the summer is going to be one of the most important factors you’re going to have to consider.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you can enjoy outdoor living all year, this is one issue you don’t need to worry about!

Maintenance and cleaning

An outside pool is likely to have higher maintenance costs than an indoor pool, as you’re going to require more regular cleaning to remove the kind of debris that will inevitably end up in the water. Outdoor pools will also be more susceptible to a buildup of algae, so you’ll need to invest time and/or money staying on top of that as well.

Another thing to think about is wear and tear. An outdoor pool could well be battered by all kinds of weather throughout the year, leading to a quicker degradation in certain elements and components than would be the case with an indoor pool. 

When you’re getting quotes for the initial installation, don’t forget to ask about ongoing maintenance and cleaning services for both indoor and outdoor pools so that you can factor that into your decision-making.

Design and extras

If you have an outdoor pool, you’re likely to have a bit more freedom, both in terms of design and the sort of extras you can enjoy. 

For instance, an infinity pool would never work indoors. And the way freeform pools can be designed to reflect their environment and surroundings would also see them lose many of the benefits that make them such a popular choice outside if you were to have them inside.

Master Pools Guild 2008 GOLD Geometric Infinity Pool

Meanwhile, unless you have an absolutely huge indoor space to house your pool, an outdoor pool will usually be better suited for some of the extras you might want, such as water features, slides, and flumes. 

Both outdoor and indoor pools have so many advantages that it can be hard to come to a decision, even when you take all of the factors above into account. In the end, it may well come down to a personal preference. Getting the advice of an expert constructor, such as Burleson Pool Company, can also help – we can talk to you about your hopes and dreams for your pool and then use our experience to design the solution that best fits.

To find out more or to talk to one of our friendly team, please get in touch with us today.


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