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Everything You Should Know About Pool Water Circulation

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Everything You Should Know About Pool Water Circulation

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you’ll know firsthand of the joys it can bring. Whether it’s hosting pool parties for your friends and family or simply lounging poolside on a sunny day, your own private oasis is an amazing thing to have. However, in order for you to enjoy your pool to the fullest, everything needs to be working properly, including your pool water circulation. In this article, Burleson Pool Company is going to detail what pool water circulation is and why it’s so important.

What is pool water circulation?

Your pool’s circulation system consists of a number of components; the skimmer, the pump, and the filter. The skimmer helps to keep the water moving by breaking the surface of the water slightly – this helps to keep the water cleaner than it would be if it wasn’t moving. The pump pulls water in a certain direction – through the filters – which helps to keep the water clean and remove chemical imbalances. 

Pool water circulation is the process by which the water in your pool is kept clean. It follows a simple process to ensure that impurities are removed from your pool. The steps are as follows:

  1. The skimmer takes water from the pool that is sucked in by the pump
  2. The pump keeps the water moving around the cycle
  3. The pool filter removes impurities from the water
  4. If there is a water heater, the water will then pass through it
  5. Chlorine and bromine are slowly introduced to the water via a chemical feeder
  6. Small jets send the newly-cleaned water back into the pool. 

Pool maintenance - water circulation

Why is pool water circulation important?

Essentially, by keeping the water in your pool moving, your circulation system keeps it clean, stops the water from becoming cloudy, and helps to prevent algae blooms from occurring. This, in turn, ensures that your pool is safe to enjoy.

How can I tell if my pool circulation isn’t working?

The most obvious sign of a faulty pool circulation system is if the pool water starts to look cloudy, or if algae starts to accumulate in there. This happens when your circulation system isn’t filtering out the dirt from the water, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria and contaminants.

If your pool continues to accumulate dirt, it will not only render your pool unusable but it will also damage the filter, making it even harder to rectify the issue, as well as leaving you with time-consuming and costly repairs. 

Pool circulation maintenance

If you’re having issues with your pool circulation, or if you’ve noticed cloudy water or other issues with your pool, then seek professional assistance at the earliest opportunity. The experts at Burleson Pool Company can provide you with the most effective, thorough, and reliable pool maintenance services to restore your swimming pool to full working order, quickly and safely.

For more information about our pool construction services or our pool maintenance work, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.


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