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Benny Burleson

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer

About Me:

Benny Burleson is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Burleson Pool Company, Inc., the leading swimming pool construction company in North Alabama. Benny has continuously been employed by Burleson Pool since 1976, serving in various capacities. He became President of Burleson Pool in 1984 and shepherded the transition of the company from a small organization into a multi-state leader in the industry. Benny’s role today is to mentor and advise the fourth generation of the company. One of the truly outstanding honors of Benny’s career has been to serve on the Board of Directors of the Master Pool Guild from 1995-1997.

After receiving his degree in Business Management from the University of Alabama in 1971, Benny worked for five years in the manufacturing industry, rising from entry level supervisor to Assistant Manager of Human Resources at the plant.

Benny’s passion, of course, is Burleson Pool. His other interests are his family, flying and helping others. Benny has been blessed to live in close proximity to his children and grandchildren, which created the opportunity to be very involved in their lives. Benny was intrigued by flying at an early age, with the desire to become a professional pilot. However, life got in the way and it was 1999 before he attained his private pilot rating and within a year became instrument rated. Presented with the opportunity to own multiple planes, Benny was able to combine his love of aviation with a desire to help others. He flew more than 50 missions for Angel Flight and was awarded the Angel Flight Alabama Pilot of the Year in 2002.


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