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What Are The Health Benefits Of Having A Pool?

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Having A Pool?

If you already have a swimming pool in your backyard, you’ll know that they’re fun for all the family, great places to relax and unwind, and the perfect spot for a kids party or family get-together.

But did you know that swimming pools can also bring many physical and mental health benefits?

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at just some of the ways that having your own swimming pool can make you healthier, happier, and fitter!

Water Workouts: The Fun Way to Stay Fit

It is widely recognized that swimming can be one of the most beneficial ways of exercising, suitable for all ages and abilities . Even if you can’t swim, you can still get many of those benefits thanks to the resistance the water provides as you try to walk through it!

Here are just some of the ways why swimming and other pool workouts can be such a great way of improving your physical health:

  • Swimming for cardiovascular health – swimming gets your heart rate up but without the impact stress that you might experience through running and jogging. Even better, health experts tell us that 30 minutes of pool exercises is equivalent to 45 minutes on land, so you’re getting more benefit for less effort!
    • Swimming for weight loss – we all know that regular exercise is a great way of shedding the pounds as part of a more general weight loss program, and swimming is one of the best forms of exercise in this regard. How many calories you burn while swimming can depend on a number of factors such as your weight, gender, body composition, and level of exertion. Nevertheless, the American College of Sports Medicine has carried out research suggesting that a person weighing 90 kilos will burn about 930 calories an hour when swimming quickly and about 650 calories an hour for a slower swim. For a person weighing 60 kilos, those figures are about 590 and 415 calories. 
      • Swimming for muscle toning – the resistance that the water provides as you swim helps to give your body one of the best all-round workouts it can get. Swimming works and tones your shoulders, arms, abs, and thighs, with different swimming strokes working different muscles.
        • Swimming for recovery from injury – add all the benefits we’ve already discussed together, and you’ll see that swimming pool exercises are a great way of getting your body back in shape after an injury. That’s because it’s a gentle, impact-free way of exercising that you can take at a pace you can easily manage.
          • Swimming for joint pain and arthritis – even just being and moving in the water can help to ease the pain, reduce stiffness, and make your joints more flexible.
          • Aquatic Therapy: Healing in the Waters

            We all need to take time out from the stresses of everyday life, and what better way to do it than by spending quality time doing a few gentle lengths, splashing about with friends or family, or just enjoying the sensation of being in water? Even just being away from our smartphones and computers for an hour or so during the day allows our brains to slow down and disconnect from outside pressures.

            Luxury Geometric Pool

            From releasing endorphins and serotonin to helping you learn to breathe regularly and in a controlled way, and from improving the flow of blood to the brain to just taking your mind off your daily worries, swimming has been shown to help with many aspects of mental well-being, including:

            • Stress relief
            • Improving sleep
            • A positive mental outlook
            • Reducing levels of anxiety and depression

            Burleson Pool Company is a leading designer and installer of high-quality swimming pools for customers in Huntsville, AL, Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. With over 50 years of experience in the business, we can design and build pools that are ideal for boosting your mind, body, and spirit.

            Whether you want an exercise lap pool for a fitness program, an infinity pool for the most relaxing experience possible, or an individually designed luxury pool to meet all your physical and mental well-being needs, we can help. 

            Or, if you already have a pool and need help getting it back into shape to help you get back into shape, we can do that too. Our pool renovations service can breathe new life into your existing pool so you can continue to enjoy its many benefits for years into the future.

            Get in touch with us now to discover more!


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