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Pool Safety Checklist for Summer 2020

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Pool Safety Checklist for Summer 2020

The year 2020 has brought many challenges, and so it’s never been more important to kick back and relax with the family. It’s essential that not only is your swimming pool a fun place to be, but it should also be a safe place to be. So, let’s outline just a few simple things you can do to make your pool safe and summer-ready for everyone to enjoy. 

Why is pool safety important? 

While it’s all too easy to associate pools with fun in the sun, they need to have the right safeguards in place to ensure nobody comes to harm – this is especially true if you have children or pets. Whether it’s physical danger or simply being unprepared for an emergency, pool hazards need to be taken seriously so you can put easy solutions in place to stay trouble-free. 

Your Pool Safety Checklist 

  • Pool barrier or fence

Erecting a pool barrier or swimming pool safety fence around your pool is a surefire way to stop children taking an unsupervised swim. Make sure the barrier covers the whole pool perimeter and is tall enough – you want at least four feet. Lockable gates on the barrier or fence are also a wise move, and you may also wish to install an alarm for extra peace of mind. 

  • Pool safety cover 

Placing a pool cover over the surface of the water has a dual benefit. Not only does it prevent children and animals from falling into the pool when it’s not in use, but it can also keep dirt and debris out of the water. On the flip side, remember to completely pull back a pool cover when it’s in use to prevent anyone from being trapped underneath or hidden from view. 

  • Child supervision

Child pool safety doesn’t start and end with physical barriers or covers – you also need to be vigilant of how your kids are using the pool. If you spot anything amiss, be sure to let the children know why certain behavior is dangerous. And if your children are very young, never leave them unattended in the swimming pool, and always try and keep them within arm’s length. To really set them up with the right skills, it’s definitely worth teaching kids how to swim from an early age, whether that’s through external lessons or a few fun lessons at home! 

Children entering swimming pool

  • Correct use of chemicals 

Inputting exactly the right amount and blend of chemicals will ensure your pool stays clean and hygienic. If the chemical balance is slightly off, it can result in your pool becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. However, it’s pretty straightforward to get the balance right – if you’re uncertain, your swimming pool company should be able to give some advice. 

  • Pump & suction maintenance 

Your pool pump does a great job of keeping fresh water and chemicals circulating in your pool, keeping it free from debris and other dirt. Pool equipment should, therefore, be maintained properly to ensure it keeps on doing a good job – the start of summer is the perfect time to carry this out. 

  • Keep things clear

Ensure there are no slip or trip hazards around the edge of the pool. All it takes is for someone to take a tumble and you could find yourself in the emergency room. Tidying up before a swimming session is a quick, easy way to avoid injuries. Also, consider installing anti-slip edging or surfacing around your pool. 

Custom Cocktail Luxury Pool

  • Prepare for emergencies 

When relaxing at the poolside, nobody likes to think of what could go wrong. But you’ll be thanking yourself for being prepared if the worst should happen. Train up everyone in the family, even your children, in how to respond to an emergency – and always make sure to have a first-aid kit nearby. 

  • Make sure everything is well-lit

For night swimming, some poolside lighting not only adds a little ambiance but it gives that extra bit of visibility to keep everyone safe. Also, take some time to weigh up the risk of letting kids swim in the pool when it’s too dark outside – and if you decide to, a well-lit pool is a must. 

Here at Burleson Pool Company, we design and construct custom-built pools with your family in mind. As an award-winning pool contractor, you can count on us to build an exceptional pool to the highest standards of safety and quality – including lighting, accessories and equipment. Want to know more? We serve customers across Huntsville, Birmingham, and Nashville, Tennessee – contact us to discuss your ideas.


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